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Sometimes the dithering between couples, the lack of decision, the refusal to take the helm, is for a reason. I have learned to listen to that nagging feeling of dread. Sometimes. Cause I almost always have a nagging feeling of dread and one of these days I may go get a prescription for it. But back to the point: we didn't go away and the following reasons proved us right: heavy rain followed by heavy wind even through last night; Mr. Pom got a major flat, which would have been a blow out on the highway; and our 25 year... Read more →

What passes for decision-making in the Pom Household, or The Cape Cod Two-Step: Tuesday, sunny and clear: Mrs. Pom: I am so jonesing for the Cape! I need to be at Nauset! Mr. Pom: It would be nice.... Wednesday night: Mr. Pom: We are so going to the Cape! We are getting on the road, baby! Thursday night: Mrs. Pom: Can you believe what a glorious day it was? It was 62 - I can't wait to leave for the Cape! Mr. Pom: I know! Mrs. Pom: I know, too - I could leave right after court! How early can... Read more →

Sunday night I was dog tired. A wonderfully busy weekend filled with all good things, but as usual - little in the way of art or writing. Too tired to do any serious work on a Sunday night. Besides, I am trying to turn off the compunction to be "doing" all weekend long. I decided I deserved a nice cup of tea and and a little linger on the laptop. I didn't start out meaning to do it, but I found myself deep into Pinterest and art journals and sketchbook blogs. I found myself starting that syndrome of clicking through... Read more →

Can you believe that TW* is 3 months away? Those 2 years flew by and when The Bride was hollerin' at me to get certain stuff done and I was all, hey, we have TWO years, yeah, I should have listened. So this weekend was designated Wedding Prep weekend and The Bride invited her Wedding Party Plus** for lunch at our house followed by Afternoon O' Crafts. As the MOB, I was The Designated Martha Stewart for all crafty issues; Emily Post for Envelope Address Issues; and the Ina Garten of refreshments. I served this for lunch: PEOPLE: I am... Read more →

This little wall hanging was starting at Tracy Stillwell's art retreat. Last year. Not this year. It is meant to be a self portrait of myself smack in the middle of middle age. It's busy, colorful, scattered, and a little... intense. Like me. Over the last ten years, I fell out of favor with fabric. My love for drawing and painting seemed to sweep aside the fussiness of fabric. Who has time to measure, trace, cut, take out the machine, match up seams, sew, press, and do it all over and over again? A creamy white sheet of watercolor paper,... Read more →

The full moon at this time of year is referred to as the Hunger Moon. The Native Americans also referred to it as "Little Famine Moon" and "Storm Moon". Our ability to feed ourselves in the United States at least no longer waxes and wanes according to the seasons. Would that it did; we'd all weigh a lot less. Be that as it may, I think most of us would agree that January and February is still ruled by The Hunger Moon. As most know, I live for summer. I enjoy every aspect of summer's heat and lushness. Even so,... Read more →

Paper Clay faces from Art Girlz Retreat Sunday evening after a very busy two days. I am in the bed, listening to Mr. Pom and The FiancĂ© shouting at The TV while The Superbowl plays. Every time they do, a smile crosses my face because it remind me of when my father used to do the same thing - shout at the TV, "Go - go - go!". And at The Giants. I wish I could tell you that I spent part of the weekend making art or writing, but I did not. Still, I got lots of house and... Read more →

The Roar of the Greasepaint; the Silence of the Crowd

Here's the question for today: If I have 1,085 "friends", why do most of my posts get 5 comments and my stats show 25 page views a day? I have fallen into the Internet hole, friends. I believed and it swallowed me whole. I cannot keep up; I cannot compete: I don't want to. I don't have it in me to brand myself; write and pitch a book; put up online courses; publicize my classes; post a piece of artwork a day; and participate in the hundreds of charity art groups, auctions, etc that are sent to me by my... Read more →