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Don't you love to come up with titles for these postings? Sometimes, I don't know the title until I write it. Kind of like I don't know what day I am going to have until it's over. I've been silent lately, not out of any real issues other than jam-packed days and exhausted nights. We are busy with all things TW, which include for us getting the cottage ready for the season. Time to spruce up, clean, paint, replace pillow covers, shower curtain liners, clean out the gutters, rip out sinks, and buy fabulous cheap new rugs at The Christmas... Read more →

WAS "Sunday Morning" But My Phone Ate My Pictures.

Sunday morning, I had planned to jump out and go back into the city this morning. Spring is here in two more days but in New York the sun already has returned and caused the daffodils to unfurl and the trees to bud and the farmers' market to be full of branches of forsythia, cherry, and pussy willow. [Imagine highly detailed and cleverly cropped close ups of said branches.] Saturday, the city was all lovely promise as we strolled without coats and got lost in the bustle of Union Square's market that was filled with people scurrying to bring home... Read more →

Micalengela's final photography project last term was this portrait of our family. She tortured us over Thanksgiving weekend, waiting until we were all overfed and dogtired and then took photos of our er, body parts at close range. Talk about unwilling subjects! Who wants a camera lens up close and personal with your wattly neck, batwings, or crinkly eyes? But look at what she wrought from our misshapen selves! I was overwhelmed when I saw it. I can't stop looking at it. It is truly a mosaic of our lives, a complete capture of our personalities, our family dynamics, and... Read more →

Some days my cup runneth over. Somedays they are so full that they slosh, spilling all over my pants and suede boots on the way to court and they I am Very Cranky. What's a mother to do? Yesterday, I spent the day glued to the computer, writing up reports, editing motions, and replying to emails. At lunch, Micalangela sent me pics of off-campus apartments that cost a small fortune even with 4 girls (!) and pics of dresses she was trying on to wear to the shower or shoes she would like me to Zappo for pre-shower delivery; The... Read more →

(all photos featured in this post are not our wedding prep, but are from So much wedding fol de rol prep, and it is still almost 3 months away! The shower is next week, however, so I am a tad busy. (Don't worry, The Bride knows the date, just not the venue.) Yesterday, sister #2 and I closeted ourselves in my little art room and did all manner of things with ribbons and crepe paper. Promise a lengthier post quite soon. Right now, I am very busy initiating a petition to ban all wedding websites, especially DIY wedding websites,... Read more →