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My Girls Are So Happy

I loved reading everyone's comments to the last post! It appears that many of my readers are of a certain age and have a love/hate relationship with make up, hair color, and dressing up in general. I found a lot of food for thought in your comments and it has caused me to do some more writing about this interesting issue of coming of age in the radical 70's and raising daughters in the conservative new millinnium. A few days after I wrote the last post, I was on Facebook and what did The Women's Room have as a lead... Read more →

A gorgeous Saturday morning and I'm sitting on my bed writing to you. Oh, I didn't mean that as nastily as it sounds. Just that Mr. Pom had an epidural injection in his lower back so he is laid up, the dogs are begging to be run, walked, played, petted, and I have to go somewhere to be fitted for a longline strapless bra (or corset bra as the seamstress said but that sounds so yucky) for my dress for the wedding before I can have it altered. Cranky I am cranky. Can I tell you how much I hate... Read more →

Mr. Pom is running home to pay the taxes. The man is a CPA/CFO. I say no more. The Bride To Be is at the Yankee game with The Groom to Be, who is already getting freebies from his 2-day old job. Where are my freebies? Nada. My dog walker told me that she is seriously in love with Bella Sera. It's easy to love a dog who looks like a seal with legs, even when her breath smells like poop. I say no more. It is officially faux summer. The Bride To Be went to the Beach. I am... Read more →

Looking for a little seaside town hereabouts. Not polished white homes with tubs of pansies, but houses that grew wings and arms instead of standing still through time's passing. A well-worn sea town too bare knuckled to need a taffy store, but with enough sense of origin that tattoo parlors outrun nail salons and self-tanning spas. The kind of town where once grand sea captains' homes still harbor families that throw their nets into the sea. A town where divers found treasure from the dumpsters of the seas and flaking paint advertises the winds that guide the ships ashore. And... Read more →

We didn't get to the Cape, after all. Allergies were on high alert and Mr. Pom was like a pretzel after a week of work. Although we went to bed feeling sorry for ourselves, today turned out fine. Seems he just needed a good rest and some anti-inflamms and by the afternoon, he mowed the lawn and did a little raking. Not too much, though! We grilled a pork loin and roasted asparagus and ended the day watching War Horse. Remember my post a month or two ago when I had decided to keep 3 journals? Like most of my... Read more →

Easter was relaxed and lovely and filled with good food and no one even freaked out over the fact that the bridesmaids gowns, ordered 15 months ago, were a hot mess at the fitting and now we have 6 weeks to find new ones. Ahem. In between, The Bride's very old car needs a very expensive repair and the couple experienced their first joint financial decision and I'm proud to say they managed it very well. In the good news column, they found a wonderful apartment, right across from a nearby train station, and in the exact location they wanted.... Read more →

Mr. Pom and I have a secret. There's a lot going on at our house. So many comings and goings and events to get ready for. We barely have a minute to breathe. Thursday night, I informed Mr. Pom that Easter weekend had the following itinerary earmarked for his involvement: Friday night: Pick up Micalangela from the train station Go with her to the car show (their dad/daughter thing) Saturday: Take dogs to park Drop off and pick up a ton of dry cleaning (change of season clothing time) Take his car to be de-doggified for the following trips Go... Read more →

We thought you'd like a tour of Pomegranates Easters Past whilst you digest your breakfast of waffles and ham, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies, cheese and cookies. What? Are we the only family who sanctions chocolate Easter bunny ears as brunch? Come on now, I bet you've already had chocolate-covered Matzhoh and handful of Jelly Bellys before you took your shower. We are having a "quiet" Easter, which in our parts means that one of my sisters' family are elsewhere, so it is just "us" -the Pomegranates, The Fiance, MM's J, The Empress, Mar, and then my youngest sister and... Read more →

I haven't worn an Easter hat since I was in grade school. I think it is a shame that women stopped wearing hats. I think I would enjoy going to court with a large brimmed, very austere, tilted hat shading half my face. I could be quite brusque and in control with a large flying saucer hiding half my face, causing my adversary to bend over to see my expression. The photo is from a few years ago when we helped our sweet Aussie Sallianne make hats for her daughter's high school's production of ....oops, I 've forgotten what the... Read more →

We are catching our breath this weekend. We have no appointments, no commitments, and no events. We are tending to our house, which has been long neglected all winter, and lying low, getting a little rest and alone time before Easter weekend. Saturday morning, we took the Mini in to the city and had our coffees. It was cold and overcast and raining lightly. We got our front window seats and were soon joined by two ladies close in age to my own, who were very busy catching up with each other and their families. I had Daphne with me,... Read more →