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I'm not really sure that I could express the joy, happiness, and love that surrounded us all in a manner more fitting than by publishing this photograph of The Bride and Groom after being pronounced husband and wife. I flooded Facebook with photographs on Monday, knowing that friends were waiting to see them, but too exhausted to put even a simple sentence together in a blog post. I am sure you are all a wee tired of seeing us in our finery. I have lots more to post, however, especially of the family fun in the days leading up to... Read more →

The sun is shining gloriously. It is warm and dry after three days of dreary rain. Mr. Pom, the Bride and the Groom, the Maids of Honor and the brides-man are here. Mystery Man and J arrive tonight, and the pups were here for 12 hours of mayhem and are now safely ensconsed in a kennel so they aren't underfoot being scolded by various peeps for grabbing granola bars out of purses and hiding shoes. And we can walk on the stairs, although they will require a touch up next week after most have gone home. Phew. Mr. Pom and... Read more →

Y'all know I am my own worst enemy. I freely admit this. All my family is nodding their heads in affirmation. After the glorious get away on Saturday (nothing is so wonderful as getting in the car on a sunny day and taking off for The Cottage), I spent the morning in Wellfleet sketching, then hung around Sunday with my sister and mother. We had avocado and crab salad brioche sandwiches and fruit tarts for lunch, took naps on the beach, had Wendy's "half-salads" for dinner overlooking the beauty of the inlets behind the outer beach at Fort Hill. Energized... Read more →

Very early on Saturday morning, in bed, enjoying the sun through the French doors and the breeze. Mr. Pom has already left the house to get his hair cut. (He goes to an old school barber who doesn't take appointments, so he has to be first one in or he has to "waiiiiiit". Men hate to waiiiiiit.) For some blessed reason the dogs have not stirred and although my bladder is about to burst, I refuse to get out of bed and wake them up. I am savoring these few minutes of birdsong and quiet before the storm begins. Oops,... Read more →

Don't Give Up Hope!

I will post over the weekend! Usually when I am silent here it's because I am so swamped that I have nothing to say. This week has been the opposite: I am swamped but I have plenty to say. First I have to find a second to do it, though. And upload all the photos. Must be something in the air cause I just popped over to Blackbird's and she has a post saying the same thing. First off - Happy Birthday to Stephanie upon turning 21 and to my sweet sister, her mom, on turning....more than 21!! And congratulations... Read more →

Mr. Pom feels better today, so we decided he should stay home this weekend and rest some more instead of going to the Cape. He needs to be at his best for the Father/Daughter dance at the wedding. And since he's been known to breakdance, he needs all the rest he can get. So I decided I would go up by myself, which truth be told, is not entirely awful as it's kind of nice to be up there by yourself and just do whatever you want. Of course, I'm going up to do a bunch of house projects, but... Read more →

WEDDING MONTH!!!!! Oh, did I mention that we were having a little wedding? I can't remember. Well, in case you haven't heard, it's in May and this is the month of MAY!!!!!! Planning a wedding that is 250 miles away can be a little daunting, but it's not that bad. I have one blogging friend whose daughter is planning her wedding from Japan and another whose daughter is planning her's in Brooklyn - from Colorado. We have the advantage of jumping in the car to check out how things are going. Last weekend, despite the fact that Mr. Pom is... Read more →