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Isn't that a creative title? I had a lovely little lyrical piece written for you about pathways to summer and although I saved it twice, some glitch happened and all I have is my rough draft, my shitty rough draft as Anne Lamott calls them, so, yeah. I figured I'd better jump in here and say howdy y'all, though, cause according to my stats I had "zero" page views today. Zero? Seriously? Is that even possible. Where the heck are all the Europeans looking for "imgres" of who knows what?? The week has not lent itself to writing. I have... Read more →

Twelve o'clock and the church bells are pealing in the tower, their deep notes rolling up the hill to our house, a harbinger of the morning's passing. Father's Day 2012 has turned sunny but cool after an overcast morning so chilly that I wore a mohair cardigan and a scarf around my neck on the way to Starbucks. Every Sunday morning, Mr. Pom deposits me at Starbucks while he takes the dogs to the park and picks up bagels. The ritual started when I had the knee replacement and could not manage the hills and bumps of the woodland path.... Read more →

On the morning of the wedding, I was wandering around the house with a cup of coffee, trying to focus on what I needed to do in order to get myself and everyone else ready. The night before had been the rehearsal dinner and the wild Karaoke party at our house. You know, the one where the cops showed up at 11:00 cause we were singing "Last Dance" too loudly. (Things shut down early on the Cape. But come on, Donna Summer had just passed away and to the cops credit, they waited until we were done and told us... Read more →

Early on in her wedding planning, The Bride decided that she did not want to give little gimcrack favors at her wedding. Nor did she favor any traditional touches, like Italian candied almonds in netting, known as "confetti". Sweetness, though, was in her heart and on her mind. She began to think a parting favor should not be a monogrammed matchbook, but something that guests would really appreciate at the end of a long day. Something quite simple and refreshing. The type of thing that one looks for when rummaging in the kitchen in your party clothes before going upstairs... Read more →

So here's what I've discovered about having an (almost) empty house: there is no need for food. Breakfast is a wrap from Starbucks; lunch is a sandwich from the corporate cafeteria; dinner, last night was stale matzoh with avocado spread on it; tonight it was 100-calorie microwave popcorn. There is, however, several bottles of wine, which makes it all the more like that first apartment. So it seems that the empty nesting? Is a lot like being single only in some cases, with a partner. Honestly, I cannot remember a time when our house had no peanut butter; cream cheese;... Read more →

I could show you the photographs from Kleinfeld's 18 months ago when Mrs. Newly Wed, then The Fiancee, tried on 5 gowns and kept coming back to the very first one she tried on. ( I could, that is, if Mrs. Newly Wed hadn't deleted them from my phone because she didn't trust her own mother to leak pictures of it to family; friends; Mr. Newly Wed; or the blog.) As if! She kept coming back to that very first one, the one with the pleated, fitted strapless sweetheart neckline, dropped waist, and a skirt that bloome into tiers of... Read more →