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I have spent my blogging years turning the incidents of my life into story. It comes naturally to me, much more naturally than making art or writing fiction. It's as if I have a documentary camera crew in my head as I go about my day. Those of you who blog understand exactly what I am talking about. It can be exhausting. And annoying to those you love. I read a wonderful quote yesteday in a little book called The Cape Cod Reader by the naturalist, Robert Finch. He was writing about the first whale watching trip that he took... Read more →

The drive into the city along the Hudson. Do you see the little sailboat with spinnaker unfurled? The past two weekends at home have been rather lovely. We've been almost giddy, Mr. Pom and I, acting like teenagers whose parents have gone away for the weekend. I think it is a combination of having no kids home (at least for another week) and suddenly having all this free time after a year of preparing for the wedding. Kind of reminds me of when my law school classes would be over and I would revel in reading something as simple as... Read more →

Nothing is more romantic than a summer night. Whether at the shore or Little Italy, or on the porch or riding in the car through sleepy streets, nothing compares to a summer night. Just the phrase, "an evening in summer" conjures up for me terraces lit by Japanese lanterns and the men in white dinner jackets twirling women with gardenias tucked behind their ears. Full of Puck-worthy mystery, a summer's eve holds the promise of thunderous firework booms and the silent expectancy of The Big Dipper. Huge, ripe moons hang like peaches over days' ends, ready to be picked. Nightfall... Read more →

Girls' Week is over and we have returned to the heat and air conditioning. I always feel sad when I come back and find myself sitting on my bed watching some ridiculous episode of Housewives of ______, after a week of no television. Last week, I don't think I even sat in the living room more than once or twice, concentrating my time in the kitchen, at the table, or outside. It makes me aware of how much distraction I rely upon in New York and how little I need on the Cape. It was one of the most relaxing... Read more →

And so it's summer. Full scale, blown out, heat wave, sparkling water, pink roses, orange day lilies, lavender-spiked summertime. Fireworks explode right in the garden. Waves of ocean blue roll under the breezes. Dawns blush with the pink of delight at a new day. Mornings are gently green, soft and tender. Noon blazes wild and fierce. Afternoons are for seeking a spot of green to hide under. Dusk falls likes petals of silk. And then the moon! A moon so round and bright, you can pluck it from the sky and roll it into place by the walkway to light... Read more →