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I seem to have written myself out of words. Coming back from our 2 weeks on the Cape is always a tough transition. Usual work overload and life has presented some stressful issues this week. So while life is kicking my butt, I am taking a breather. Don't worry, I'll be back. And while I'm not talking much here, I am working in an old journal that I only did a few pages in. I am listening to The Wine of Angels by Phil Rickman, which is wonderfully weird and mystical as only the British can be. I am watching... Read more →

Week two of vacation, for me and Micalanagela at least, and we are down to five. The Fab Five, the Original Five, The Seminal Group, The Core, The Sweetness at the Center of the Pie..... Us. Mom, Dad, and babies make 3. But they're all grown now. One married; one who described himself the other night as "married for all intents and purposes" (which caused both parents' heads to snap around from idle chatter over s'mores and widen their eyes at each other in the smoky darkness); and one who is gracing us with her presence betwixt and between art... Read more →

I was never so glad to hear the rain on the rhodendron leaves that sit outside our bedroom window. Rain! Lovely soft, cool, wet rain. Despite what most of my friends and family think, the heavy rains that have been pounding the New York area do not end up here. Even if the storms are tracking east/north-east, the Cape's meteorological weather pattern has a mind of its own. The rain is very welcome. Our little jewel of a kettle pond round the corner barely holds enough water for a duck's bath. I was planning to buy all the straggly perennials... Read more →

I am fully Caped out. Took me about 3 days this time. I heartily recommend going up ahead of the fam if you are having one of those all-the-kids-and-their-friends-and-cousins vacations. I adore those vacations. They are the legend of our family. But 'tis nice to start off slowly, especially when you are transitioning from work to play in 12-hour timespan. The grocery trips alone are exhausting and I end up kicking the 12-pack of paper towels down the aisle when it falls out of the wagon, in a full snit of Mother Self Pity. You also need to have a... Read more →

Hello from the most beautiful place on earth. No many how many times I come here or how hectic the first few days can be, the area takes a hold of me and eventually I find the silence and the air that enables me to breathe. I've been swimming at the lake where the older two children had learned to swim. I was the older woman by herself with just a chair, a towel, and a book. There actually was at least 4 of us, all with our sunglasses on and heads down reading, either in the shade, the sun,... Read more →

ONLY ONE MORE DAY UNTIL VACATION! While these past two weeks have been incredibly busy at work, they have also been filled with some extraordinarily lovely moments. I'll tell you all about it next week, blogging from my Cape Cod backyard around the firepit. On Monday afternoon, I got a call from 107.1The Peak, a local station, that I had the good fortune to win two tickets to see Brandi Carlisle in concert. So Tuesday night, Micalangela and I drove to New Jersey. We weren't that familiar with Brandi Carlisle other than having a couple of favorite songs, so we... Read more →