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Is there any more beautiful and lustrous a month as October in its waning days? The mornings are dark when we awake and even the dogs hesitate before we walk out the door in the morning. There is a strange alienation to a morning that brings you into darkness instead of light, yet it feels like a rhythm that we understand, and the leaves turning yellow can pretend to be dawn's light touching the earth. In the hair salon tonight, getting the monthly roots touch up and hair cut, a customer opens the door and a draft of thick, rich... Read more →

I am watching a Scottishy mystery series on PBS. Or I am trying to because I am not really paying close attention and after an hour in, I'm not even certain who the characters are. To make it more complicated, Mr. Pom came in and started messing around wth his electronic clock. You need a manual just to change the alarm and somehow it came unplugged and needed to be reset. The he went into The Man Cave to read a magazine and discovered that I'd swiped the lightbulb from the lamp on the bookcase. I had a defense: my... Read more →

Dear friends, My family joins me in sending our utmost gratitude and love to all of you for your condolences, your warm embraces, and your messages of understanding and compassion. My mom, my sweet, sweet mom, passed peacefully during the night in her own bed. I like to think that the last thing she saw was my Dad's photograph on her dresser. Her death was exactly what she always spoke of wanting and we are happy for her and horribly sad for ourselves. Our family and friends have been completely amazing and rallied around us during this extremely difficult time.... Read more →

Fall is a great time of year. Not as great as summer, of course, and I think that is because I don't take vacation in October. I think if I took vacation in October and I could wander the woods collecting yarrow, crab apple, and sumac blossoms, and dance around a bonfire with cups of mead whilst wearing Vivian Westwood-style suede thigh highs and strangely draped velvet cloaks fastened with huge antique brooches and pheasant feathers in my hair, I might kick Summer to the curb. ( A friend is on vacation and posting magical photos of isolated beach cottages... Read more →