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Yes, I am working long hours, coming home after work to spend a few hours working on my next art proposal, and Christmas shopping. But that doesn't mean I don't have time to create a little magic: Created with Oooooooh - it's like a Harry Potter photograph. Going to Brooklyn tomorrow for this with The Bride and Mr. Pom and without Micalangela (who is home to work on a big final project - don't feel badly for her - we bought her a good dinner and gave her a large cappuccino to finish it off) : This is an... Read more →

We saw our first snow today. I was upstairs in my art room when I heard Micalangela yell up, "Look out the window!" A band of flurries was passing through, light enough that I had to look for a few seconds to spot a flake, but heavy enough to confirm that it was indeed the change of season. If the snow was not enough notice, the fading light at 4:30 p.m. sends us scurrying to switch on lamps and the dogs begin to pace reproachfully because they do not understand why the food bowls are not being filled if it... Read more →

After 12 days of darkness and cold, we spent the weekend in our warm, bright house, vacuuming two weeks of dog hair, scrubbing the kitchen, running the washing machine, and lying for more than a few hours on the sofa with a quilt and the remote control. As harrowing as it was to be without light and heat for that long, we were so lucky that there was no physical damage to any person or house on our street and that we had family to go to when we couldn’t take one more night with our breath visible in the... Read more →

Mrs. Miniver I'm Not

A hurricane hardly arrives at a convenient time, whatever the season or circumstances. This one, though, had timing that seemed to add insult to injury. October was one of the hardest months our family has experienced and we thought we were almost clear... There's not much I can add to the story that you haven't read, seen, or listened to. Hundreds of thousands are affected; families lost; babies swept away; fires turn whole neighborhoods into ashes; and lower Manhattan is being reclaimed by the rivers that carved it out in the first place. So we can manage no power for... Read more →