Thanksgiving Weekend
Happy Birthday to Mr. Pom

The First Weekend of December

Yes, I am working long hours, coming home after work to spend a few hours working on my next art proposal, and Christmas shopping.


But that doesn't mean I don't have time to create a little magic:


Created with

Oooooooh - it's like a Harry Potter photograph. 


Going to Brooklyn tomorrow for this with The Bride and Mr. Pom and without Micalangela (who is home to work on a big final project - don't feel badly for her - we bought her a good dinner and gave her a large cappuccino to finish it off) :





This is an event organized by the local NY Etsy peeps!


In the evening, I am going to a concert that was postponed from the end of October due to Hurricane Sandy:



Yes - Ingrid Michaelson!!!!

Special Guest: Greg Laswell
With her piano-fueled songwriting, witty wordplay, and ethereal voice, Ingrid Michaelson carries the tradition of the female singer/songwriter into the 21st century. Befitting a musician of the digital age, Michaelson first gained wide exposure through spots on TV soundtracks, including Grey's Anatomy and One Tree Hill. In 2012, Michaelson returned with her fifth studio album, Human Again, featuring the single, "Ghost."

I can't wait to see this concert and adding to my excitement, I am going with one of my oldest friends from college, who before a few months ago, I hadn't seen in probably 30 years.  So wonderful to "find" her - living 10 minutes from me - and to have her want to see the same artists that I do.  Love you, Carolyn!

And then on Sunday, a special day to spend with a friend who is moving far, far away..... bittersweet, but so happy for her to be going home. 

I am also working on a longer blog post about some great ART and DESIGN books that you MUST have for Christmas. Check back soon.


What a weekend!