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These are the luxurious days: nothing-left-to-do-days; returns-can-wait-till-next-week-days; leftovers-instead-of-cooking-days; tired-out-enough-to-stay-at-home-days. The weather cooperates by being snowy and icy one hour, then raw and drizzling rain the next. Dogs asleep on the sofa like bookends, with the velvet pillow supporting two snouts. Time now to paint, to listen to an Alaskan wilderness mystery, to wonder at the creative soul that first brought a tree into a house and dared to put candles on it, or to just nod off in front of the fire while pretending to read a book. I am happy to report that my coffee table is stacked high... Read more →

Sun is shining on this December 23rd. It is appropriately cold but thankfully the winds have died down. Cucciolo does not like the sound of the wind on the copper chimney cap. It does sound like a bass drum is stuck in the chimney, so I do not blame him for being skittish and having his ears pinned back to his head. As I type this, two dogs are on the bed with me. I rant and rave about having the dogs on the clean quilt, but really nothing beats having a yellow at my feet and a black at... Read more →

A wolf named Virginia. Quirkily charming watercolor and pen and ink illustrations. They had me at the cover. What, I ask, is more lovely under the Christmas tree than stack of books wrapped individually in bright paper sporting perky satin ribbons? They make my heart beat faster than any tiny jewelry box, even those blue ones. Christmas just isn't Christmas for me until that moment when all the gift-giving is done, the floor trashed with torn wrappings, the sound of computer games being played by children, and my time to have a cup of coffee, a gingerbread cookie, and a... Read more →

30 years ago I gave Mr. Pom a surprise party. We'd been married 2 years and lived in a one bedroom 3-floor walk up. I crammed in friends, family, grandmother, in laws, mother, sisters, aunts, and more friends. His best friend, Rick, who passed away 14 years ago this year, and was our Best Man, somehow got him out of the apartment. He showed up with Stan and opened the door and we all yelled surprise. Sigh. We were so young. And we felt so old: HE WAS 30 (THIRTY)! We didn't have any kids yet. We hadn't bought our... Read more →