Underwater Light


These are the luxurious days: nothing-left-to-do-days; returns-can-wait-till-next-week-days; leftovers-instead-of-cooking-days; tired-out-enough-to-stay-at-home-days. The weather cooperates by being snowy and icy one hour, then raw and drizzling rain the next. Dogs asleep on the sofa like bookends, with the velvet pillow supporting two snouts. Time now to paint, to listen to an Alaskan wilderness mystery, to wonder at the creative soul that first brought a tree into a house and dared to put candles on it, or to just nod off in front of the fire while pretending to read a book.

I am happy to report that my coffee table is stacked high with books - Taschen's Guides to New York and to London, with their colorful, painted covers; The School Prints, A Romantic Project; Danny Gregory's A Kiss Before You Go (this one borrowed from Sister #5); Atlas of Remote Islands; (I forgot to tell you about this one - "A rare and beautifully illustrated journey to fifty faraway worlds.")  Also, Birds by Jeffrey Fischer (even more witty and colorful in person), and the audio discs of British Writers.

I could not tell you about this book, because I was giving it to the retired science teacher sister for Christmas :The Where, the Why, and the How: 75 Artists Illustrate Wondrous Mysteries of Science.





I bought it for the illustrations, many of which are done by artists whose work I know and blogs I follow. A delightful, fascinating look at many scientific mysteries, perfect for the amateur science sleuth, whether young or old. A copy for her and a copy for me; perhaps this is why my bookcases are overflowing?

Our darling cookie fairy sent us 3 boxes crammed full of treats of everything from gingerbread men to cheese straws. I hid the boxes on top of a bookcase in the dining room so I could serve them on Christmas Eve. A sharp-eyed child, one who doesn't even live here anymore, saw them as soon as she walked into the house on the day they arrived. Nevertheless, I held strong and wouldn't allow them to be touched (except for a quick sample by myself - had to check if they had survived transit, after all!) I can report that they were as rich and delicious as the day they were made. I don't know what I did to deserve my own cookie fairy godmother, but I thank God that Rachel is in the world, spreading her special and sweet brand of Christmas cheer. She is  a star in the heavens!


Today, I am sleepy lazy; content to putter and paint; dogs asleep at my feet; gray light causing me to reach for silvery hues of blue and washed out shades of green; and now it is time for that long winter's nap.Wishing you rare, somnolent days filled with little bits of nothing and lots of staring at the tree.