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Regardless of whom you voted for, it was a sight to behold today as we marked the second term of the presidency. I am a pageantry and ritual geek: give me a trumpet's fanfare, a young, beautiful family, and choirs performing America The Beautiful, and I am all goosebumpy and teary-eyed. Pageantry and ceremony have an important place in our lives. Ceremony signifies and marks the important thresholds of life: birth, coming of age, graduations, weddings, more births, and ultimately, death. Rituals also are important in our creative lives. I know artists that always start a work by lighting incense,... Read more →

Your beautiful and generous messages on the last post went straight to my heart. I can't help myself: writing is what I do. So I welcome the second decade (how strange does that sound?) of blogging. Bring it on interwebs, bring it on! Sunday morning and the nine o'clock church bells are muffled in the fog that drips from every branch. They do not wake me, as we've been up since six, awakened by the sounds of a large vehicle outside the house, along with clanking, and loud voices. It was as black as midnight and I assumed it just... Read more →

I began writing pomegranatesandpaper in November 2003. I chose the name for its alliteration and for symbolism of the pomegranates - full of the seeds of story - and paper - where story is recorded. The pomegranate is rich in myth, symbolism, and history. I fell in love with the story of Demeter and Persephone, especially after I became aware that Sicily is known as "Persephone's Island'. My mother's maternal grandparents were born in Sciacca, Sicily, and since my grandfather was adopted (perhaps by Sicilians, also, I don't remember), my mother's family considered themselves Sicilian more than Italian. However, I... Read more →