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Blue As...

A Tease of Blue

I am working on Blue today, and here is a little tease until later.....


Blue is the most amazing gift I ever found at my front door:





Thank you dear, sweet Kathy, who not only gave me this gorgeous Pam Carriker painting, but gave it to me after she won at Art Is this October. Can you imagine, she won this, but knew I had put all my own raffle tickets in the bag for it, and saved it since October to give to me? I was literally quite "blue" after that weekend, as I left after a call from Mr. Pom took me out of Tracy Verdugo's class with the heartbreaking news about my mother. I haven't been able to look at anything I've done from that weekend and it is all packed away. Kathy not only packed my clothes up and drove me home as I cried and cried, she came back and closed up my paints and washed all my brushes, and packed up all my supplies. She still has my half-finished canvas at her studio and promises to gesso over it as I can't face working on it.  And thank you to Pam Carriker, who I had just met for the first time the day before in her wonderful class. Two amazing women whose spirits are as bright and amazing as their talent.

I will spend a pleasurable morning finding just the right place to hang this beauty.