The Thin Edge of the Wedge
Joyful Joyful (the color post is a couple of days...)

February Made Me Shiver......




No one really likes February. 

Tell the truth: you don't, either.

It's cool, I understand. And just because it's my birthday month, you shouldn't feel guilty about it.

Hard to like February, I know. The cold is starting to wear. The snow is SO ovah. Boots are boring. Cancelled plans due to coughs and cold and flue and phlegm is really last year. Enough!

Oh, but wait!




Look what's on the shelf of your local supermarket or nursery. 

Green that isn't evergreen!


Courtesy of



Luscious spring green, sap green, yellow green, the green of crocus stems and wheatgrass grown on your windowsill. The green of my daughter's eyes and the tender shoots of daffodils daring to poke through on these sunny, too warm days for February. Mother earth green, mineral green, the green of life, of water, and algae, The green of life returning.

So far, it's true, it's mainly in the stores, the hothouses, and under glass. But the fronds of the weeping willows have already yellowed up for their pre-spring fling.

The light is clearer in the morning and gentler at the end of day. Dusk does not fall as much as a curtain but as a flare up of sunset and then a gentle charcoal rub.



I am planning a little party. One filled with an alphabet rainbow of color and fruit and cake and paints and silliness. I'll tell you about it later, though. It's still in the planning stages and secrets must be kept.

It will definitely involve something like this:



And it is absolutely mandatory that a big splash of yellow will be involved if not from the sun than from something completely charming and very lady of the manor:




I hope it will be as much fun as this, but I can't set my sights too high! These ladies know how to combine art, food, females, color, and total silliness in a big way. I bow at the feet of the masters:





Don't be a downer and point out that all this color, this verve of green is all in my head. And do NOT send me pictures with captions that say, "Where are you living? This is what it looks like out there":






Cause in my head, it looks like this:




After all, the best parties are the ones you throw yourself. In fact, the best parties are the ones you plan in your head, with stars on your tongue,a symphony in your ear, and the man of your dreams twirling you on the sands of eternal summer.




Lacking that at the moment, and since it is MY birthday month, and since I am tired of sleeping with the electric blanket on, and my skin can be used to sandpaper dry wall, and my friend just texted me a photo of the beach in Puerto Rico where she is staying, I declare February to be the month of pink and green, chocolate and flowers, hearts and heart strings, symphonies and ballets, macaroons and nosegays, balloons and layer cakes, party favors and high heels, glass glitter and craypas.




I see only clear skies in my crystal ball. I see pink and purple sunrises and flaming orange sunsets. I see salted caramels and beach taffy, candy apples and truffles, chocolate covered strawberries and big red plush hearts filled with nougat and creams.





At the very least, friends and M&M's.


Promising you color all month from pomegranatesandpaper.


With thanks to my sister Maria for most of these photos cause her house always looks like spring.