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I am working on Blue today, and here is a little tease until later..... Blue is the most amazing gift I ever found at my front door: Thank you dear, sweet Kathy, who not only gave me this gorgeous Pam Carriker painting, but gave it to me after she won at Art Is this October. Can you imagine, she won this, but knew I had put all my own raffle tickets in the bag for it, and saved it since October to give to me? I was literally quite "blue" after that weekend, as I left after a call from... Read more →

Oops, I want to write about seeing Mumford & Sons, so why am I quoting Avett Brothers? Mr. Pom is nothing if not a good sport. Sometime before Christmas, I missed a few concerts that we had tickets to due to schedules, weather, illness (of others). After I was dragged to see we went to see Neil Young in December for his birthday, he felt badly that I had missed some of the concerts that I wanted to see. So when I told him that Mumford & Sons were playing at the new Barclay Center in Brooklyn, he told me... Read more →

I know, I know today I should be posting my "Blue" post. But my scanner is being wonky and I am not going to subject you to photographs taken with a flash of my journal pages. So, promise to have that up later in the week. I've been surfing a few blogs and noticing a nice trend of "joy" posts. Now, these are truly off the cuff "joy" posts; random little spots of surprise that bring me, well, just plain old joy. Turquoise. I  have a paint can waiting to go on the front door. Just says "beach". Independent coffee... Read more →

HELLO FEBRUARY! No one really likes February. Tell the truth: you don't, either. It's cool, I understand. And just because it's my birthday month, you shouldn't feel guilty about it. Hard to like February, I know. The cold is starting to wear. The snow is SO ovah. Boots are boring. Cancelled plans due to coughs and cold and flue and phlegm is really last year. Enough! Oh, but wait! Look what's on the shelf of your local supermarket or nursery. Green that isn't evergreen! Choose: Cobalt green Copper resinate Emerald green Green earth Malachite Verdigris Viridian Courtesy of Luscious... Read more →