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I sing today of greening grass and crocuses sharp leaves cutting hard earth for tender purple heads defiant on a hillside yellow stamen powders my hand but I fail to gather the beauty indoors. Plastic wrapped grocery package bundle of pin and white and green and a gray blue pitcher made from the clay of mountains of Virginia brought home as our engagement gift to our tender selves, young and defiant still holding water no visible cracks some thirty -two years of Holy Saturday mornings soft and fresh as hot cross buns on our tongues. -Myself, today. Read more →

All signs point to Spring. No matter that I have on a fleece and parka when we walk the dogs along the bay (nor that I beg off the next morning as I haven’t felt warm once since we got here). No, I knew it was spring when we tumbled out of the car at midnight and the stars were gaspingly bright and the next day there was an hour when we sat in the backyard and I sunned myself while Mr. Pom made a fire of the bazillions sticks that have fallen in the storms. This push and pull... Read more →

BLUE Is the color of my beloved's eyes, of Mary's mantle, of hydrangeas, lupines, and morning glories, of the first time I was allowed to paint my own room, of the dress I danced in at the wedding of our daughter. Blue is heaven and seas and swimming pools, but not ponds and lakes in general. Blue is striped beach bags and towels and Julia's little bedroom and the center hall that is periwinkle and not purple regardless of what they say. Blue is the inlaid turquoise bracelet I bought for myself in high school and still wear; blue is... Read more →