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Spring is the time for wandering. For some, too, the time to stay home and dig out from the accumulated detritus of winter: That's where that magazine went! When did I order all these spring sandals?? Why do we have so many winter coats and boots? Could we have more unread newspapers in this house? Stop shedding right now! Woof! There isn't as much dirt in the world as there as on the screen porch. Why can't I zipper any of these capris? Why did I ever think I could wear capris? My favorite: The realization that you have used... Read more →

My emotions in the past year have tilted as wildly as a thirteen year-old getting her period for the first time. I have slid from extreme happiness to the depths of grief and rollercoasted up and down this trail enough times to qualify for the black diamond ski runs. When I look in the mirror, I fully expect to see a face full of pimples, so much do I feel like a teen ager thrust into a grown up world. A very, very old teen ager. It is a little late for me to have middle aged crisis. Perhaps a... Read more →

Coming home from work yesterday, I saw one, lone, brave, proud crocus in the middle of my lawn. I don't know where his friends are and I'm pretty sure his sudden appearance in the middle of the grass is the result of a forgetful squirrel that hid him last fall. I am happy that he has survived the hungry ravages of that huge black squirrel that has adopted our yard. He is quit fat and brzen. His coat is silky shiny what with all the bulbs he has filched from the neighborhood. He likes to sit on the gate to... Read more →