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Sometimes an idea hits you in the head; sometimes ideas accrete, piling up little bits of this and that until it becomes a firm foundation for the next step. I think I figured something important out. I hope to implement it in the near future. I do not like to be coy. I am not a fan of the 140-word oblique reference. You'll know soon enough. And if you don't, then you'll know I am still working on it. I do my best thinking in the car. I am, like The Empress, a ruminator. I think, ponder, fret, worry, and... Read more →

Don’t you hate when you get so behind on blogging that you don’t know where to start? I've been out on Long Island most days for a new work assignment. We've been coming up most weekends, so I go from one car to the other and one highway to another. My new are at work has me conducting deposition that last for hours each day. When I get home, I try to write the report from that day so it is fresh in my mind and I don’t have to overly refer to my four hours of notes. There's not... Read more →

(I apologize for the terrible paragraph formatting; typepad is having issues tonight.) This is the side of one of our favorite restaurants in Wellfleet. We've gone here for years under different owners. It used to be a very basic seafood joint: brown plastic trays, lobster or seafood broiled or fried, noisy, crowded tables, you know the sort. It got a lttle chi-chi in the last few years: candles on tables, outdoor seating with heaters, and a 4-page menu that includes sushi. Chi chi matters little to us. We like the bar. Is that as bad as it sounds? Let me... Read more →

Photo courtesy of analog/dialogue, who sources it from I LOVE these little wooden nautical flags. I've been looking for art to hang in the cottage's laundry/room mudroom wall that can be seen from the kitchen and eating area, and these are perfect. They are vaguely vintage but not hokey, nautical but not "sea-themed" and incorporate all the colors we use in the house. "Acquire Magazine" is the best name for a magazine I've ever heard. Why be subtle? I can't actually find the link to the flags, but take a look at the website because it is a masculine... Read more →

The blessed month of May. Navigating my days with my head pointed up. Imagining myself a squirrel lost in a blizzard of petals pink and white. Delirium of heaven. Wind driven petal storms, a confetti of springtime. Blue and white and pink. Soul colors. Floating in heaven colors. Newborn earth. Turning weary eyes to the sun. The colors of prayer, freshly squeezed. Imagine God again. Infinite patience. No yearning. Steeped in the bliss of moment. Yet fleeting. Impossible to contain. Infancy cannot stall and live. Greening begins. Fully leaf out. Be. Read more →