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For the first half of summer, I tried to take a pic of the garden each day, either when I left or came home after work. My neighbors probably think I am the eccentric garden lady with the two large dogs who is forever trying to haul two dogs and a large briefcase on wheels through the garden path in the morning and home again at night. It can be quite a sight. Especially when we have the hose across the path and I can't get the rolling briefcase over the hose and the dogs are rubbing their faces in... Read more →

Am I the only one deliriously happy that it is very cool and rainy this Saturday morning in New York? Ah, the pressure is off to run around like a tourist and go see things and do outdoor things. Sometimes, in the midst of summer, you need a day to say, hey let's watch The Wire from the beginning. I also have a little sewing project that I need to do before Mr. Pom's head explodes that there is a giant, long box by the front door FOR WEEKS with Sunbrella striped Capri blue fabric to cover the chaise cushion... Read more →

Early morning on the side porch, and the tender violet sky of last night has awakened into pale blue and wispy clouds float in out of the viewfinder that is the porch door. The sprinkler is already twirling on the front lawn and the rich smell of wet grass and soil floats through the 12-foot high mountain laurel that screens us from the street. The variegated coleus have grown a foot since I was last home and the little dogwood tree in front of the garage now completely blocks our neighbor's view of the porch. It is good to be... Read more →