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THIS WAS SUMMER: ospreys S'mores Organic eggs with orange yolks The High Line Roasted corn, black beans and roasted red peppers White votives in blue-glassed Mason jars Dawes at Housing Works Blistering heat walk across town to Uniqlo Dawes at The Cap Frozen blueberries Porch evenings Vampire Weekend The Great Fish Fry Fire The First Bonfire Broadcast Via Ipad Dancing in the Dunes at Midday Grilled, steamed, roasted, raw corn Beer Battered Fish Tacos a la MM Watercolors Chalk Markers on Black Cardstock Dave Matthews Airport Cafe breakfasts Mumford & Sons Perseids Blue striped sweatshirts THIS IS FALL: Pain de... Read more →

I went to sleep last night after the first click of the year of the electric blanket and a cool, almost cold, breeze on my face from the porch door. It was bliss. I was trying to read Crusoe's Daughter by Jane Gardam and her description of the 'blue-green salt- marsh grasses, shadowy fields of sea lavender reflected and were reflected in the sky...", but my eyes began to cross and I only had the strength to reach behind me and shut the light. It happens every year, the electric blanket fog. I must relearn every year to use it... Read more →

And just like that, it's autumn. The temperature was in the 50's this morning, and we slept for the first time with the French door in the bedroom shut and with the quilt and a blanket. When Mr. Pom came in from walking the dogs in the early morning, his cheek was as cold as winter when I kissed him good bye. You only have to look to the garden to see time's passing. The hydrangeas have dried to lovely dusky shades of purple and rose. More dessicated than they appear, they defy my desire to clip them and bring... Read more →