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The weekend started out energetically with a long walk in the woods with the puppers. Mr. Pom refused to let me bow out and sit with my coffee in the warm Starbucks. He insisted I come with them, so we took our coffees with us and I'm so glad we did. The leaves are just turning here, mainly yellow with occasional flashes of red. The air is spicy and smells like pistachios. We had a mild freeze last night but deep in the woods, the ground is warm and all the bushes hold the heat, so the effect of the... Read more →

Mondays are always hard in the opening and draining in the closing. So I thought I'd take a cue from the lovely A Bloomsbury Life, who today is writing about the author Cyril Connolly. She's listed a few of his acerbic, witty quotes. This one tickled my fancy: He appreciates style. “For an angora pullover, for a red scarf, for a beret and some brown shoes, I am bleeding to death." and When he gets depressed he lists things that make him feel better: "Enemies of angst: the morning awakening of a house, dogs being let out, the smell of... Read more →

Came home from Art Is You, 3 days and 3 nights of art, old friends, new friends, round the clock coffee and evening cocktails, watercolors and trades, inspirational students, and even an auction prize win! I don't have any photos loaded yet, so you are due a proper post about it in a few days. I went right back to work the next day and it was a rough one. I came home sleep deprived, a tad raggedy and frayed, and took myself to the supermarket to find some real food. Any thoughts of cooking were quickly squelched by exhaustion.... Read more →

Completely unrelated photos as I haven't had time to transfer any from my phone. Sitting outside on the porch at 8:30 on the first weekend in October. I will not complain about the mosquitos, the humidity, or my frizzing up hair because I can't recall a time when we were still having pie and coffee on the porch in our shorts the first weekend in October. Traditionally, I am having a massive panic attack the last week of September and first week of October. Art is You is next weekend and although I've been preparing my class for ELEVEN MONTHS,... Read more →