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I have a 5 year old MacBook Pro that I fire up every once in awhile in order to sync my phone. I never figured out how to transfer my Itunes onto my MacBook Air, and despite many children and children in law telling me they'd do it for me, it hasn't happened, so I have to use the dinosaur laptop. I found this old profile pic on it and thought it seasonally apt to post. I don't mind using the old laptop, but I'm afraid one of these days it isn't going to fire up. One of the hinges... Read more →

Learning to cook for a Thanksgiving crowd is an art. The menu planning, the shopping, the several days of prep, and the timing of the actual cooking is as close as I’ve ever come to being a chef, and as close as I’ve ever wanted to be. At some point during each holiday, I reach critical mass and whilst everyone else claims work demands, school demands, and travel demands, I will have my Annual Shoutfest, after which all will skulk away, pissed off at me. Hmmpf. Such is life, I've learned. In my late 30’s, I was as lonely and... Read more →

Holiday Giving of the Most Important Kind: Books

I propose a dare to the American public: For every Kindle or Nook Book or whatever brand of electronic reader you buy or give, you buy 5 books in conjunction. By "books" I mean printed matter, with pages, covers, hard or soft bound and some delightful and apt cover art. Books that can be read and loaned, and most importantly, put on a bookshelf where the spines will catch your eye after you have finished the book and bring a smile to your face as you recollect the story and the characters. What? You don't know what books to read... Read more →

* From Anything Goes At this stage of life, you would think that I would have found a circle of friends that I admire. Seriously, folks, you can be online all you want, but you need 3-D, warm-blooded people to round out your life. Oh, I have friends. I just wish that some of them were not so ....shy. I'd like to find some friends who don't act their age, who aren't all.....wallflowers. And I could sure use some friends who let their hair down and chill out! Frankly, I'm tired of being the only one who wants more from... Read more →

Everytime I teach an art class, I think, "This is the best class ever!" And this was, in fact, the best class ever. Our students came stuffed to the gills with stories of memorable meals, delicious dishes, and the memories of the food that was prepared for them by mothers and aunts and cousins and sisters. They shared the stories of family traditions that turned food into sacrament and the sacred into the Bread of Life. I still get really excited when I am teaching a class and I suddenly see the shift in posture, attitude, and observation that occurs... Read more →