Throwback December
A Christmas Tale

Did You See My Brain Cells? I Left Them Right on the Table Right Before Thanksgiving Dinner


I am going to do the book post!

Just not today.




Blame stuffing, corn pudding, mashed potatoes, and gravy yesterday and then trying to diet today, which caused me to eat an entire bag of celery, some horribly seasoned hummus, an apple with peanut butter, a truly horrif container of lentil soup from the cafeteria, a Starbucks egg white and turkey bacon sandwich (think a pillow with flabby egg and cardboard bacon), and then come home from work and eat 3 After Eight mints, a handful of pita chips shared with the dogs, shrimp Pad Thai, and a dumpling.

Carb coma. 



Tomorrow's breakfast.


Then, we watched HBO's new series, "Getting On", about a nursing home ward headed by Laura Metcalfe, a doctor flaming out in her career, who is obsessed with a feces study, and scares me because she reminds me of a judge in the Bronx, who also clenches her teeth and rigidly smiles while ripping you a new one, and then dramatically and totally falsely apologizes while her face twitches.


The series, however, is FANTASTIC.  Everytime we decide to rip out cable, we realize that we only watch on demand shows (except for my completely guilty but proud of addiction to various Housewives of (when the hell does New York start?)

I am now watching with a fascination bordering on  stupefation  a hot mess of a 39 year old Chris Lilley in drag as Ja’mie: Private School Girl.  

Yet, somehow in an Australian way, it works - oops, Mr. Pom just hit the remote. That's all folks!

So, book giving will have to wait a bit, but with Amazon readying the drones, you can order Xmas Eve and expect a drop by Santa Drone before the kiddies go to sleep.

Speaking of Amazon, I was on the edge of my seat all day Sunday waiting for SUNDAY DELIVERY of Lesley Riley's new book , for which I am a contributing artist. 




I had planned a glorious post with pics and an enticing review that would have all you hitting "Send" before the night was over. 

But it never came. Nope. Nada.

Customer Service tells me that the "delivery could not be completed". They have no other information but advised me to check my address. I told the nice person who was typing in stilted English that I am sure it is correct because about every other day for the last 5 years,  Mr. Pom grabs an Amazon delivery, walks into the living room with it and gives me the look that says, "Really? Another book?" So yeah, I'm pretty sure Amazon knows where I live. 

So I can't give you a good look at it nor could I show it off to my kids, all of whom vamoosed on Sunday for a life where they are not being force fed smoked turkey and stuffing. 

Instead I was advised to reorder it and they would process a refund. So don't hold your breath about magic helicopters leaving the complete works of Jane Austen on your front porch 5 minutes after you think about it. a

(I'm usually not this harsh: it's the Pad Thai talking).


Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.