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Christmas beckons in the full, ripe solstice moon shining like a beacon across the snow. This winter moon is so proud and strong and white. It rises early and remains low in the sky; it doesn't have the bravado and showmanship of the harvest moon, all golden orb pinned to a paper sky. No, this winter moon fills our bedroom with light as strong as day, sharp and clear to lead Santa on his way. I am trying to not miss Christmas for the trees that sparkle so shiny in my eyes. Distracted by loose ends of tinsel stuck to... Read more →

I am going to do the book post! Just not today. Blame stuffing, corn pudding, mashed potatoes, and gravy yesterday and then trying to diet today, which caused me to eat an entire bag of celery, some horribly seasoned hummus, an apple with peanut butter, a truly horrif container of lentil soup from the cafeteria, a Starbucks egg white and turkey bacon sandwich (think a pillow with flabby egg and cardboard bacon), and then come home from work and eat 3 After Eight mints, a handful of pita chips shared with the dogs, shrimp Pad Thai, and a dumpling. Carb... Read more →