Begin the Year Aslant

Watching Woods Fill Up with Snow

A snow-induced 3-day weekend is a thing of beauty: white, soft, silver, with infinite hours to fill.


Image 3


Despite a tempting invitation to get together with old friends, I  made the promise to myself and Mr. Pom To Do Nothing.

Nothing except put away the china, silver, and crystal from Christmas Eve dinner. Take the leaves out of the dining room table and put away the extra chairs so we can actually walk in the room. Nothing as in take down the tree and put away the decorations. Nothing as in dig out from boxes, wrapping paper, laundry, dog fur, and an empty fridge. 




This morning, the fire is lit and I have command of the big Morris chair set by it.  

Others have usurped the sofa.




Image 5


The youngest is still home from college but she will sleep until after noon, I am sure.  I will get my exercise letting the pups in and out in the snow, changing wet  pajama pants after each run outside to clean up after them. And there's a brief case bulging on the floor next to me as it's time to play catch up after the holiday time off. 

I could do worse than typing up reports by the fire with a steady stream of coffee and random surfing in between for an elliptical machine buy - also time to get rid of the rolls of cookies and cannoli that have appeared arond the midriff. 

Spending 3 days inside seems bliss. These won't get read by themselves!


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I did finish Home Place. I did not write my Christmas cards. I have the box right here next to me. Wish I could send you all one, but at this point, January 3rd, I'll aim my low and try to get at least one into the mail to an aunt and uncle. 

Do you all want to know my New Year's Resolution" 


Do you want to know my "word" for 2014?



Think about it. 

I'm pretty sure it's going to replace The Secret as the latest fulfilling-your-fantasy-fantasy. 

You heard it here first.