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When I was young, I used to worry about grey roots, saggy jowls, those batwings that suddenly hang from upper arms, and whether my left ankle would swell to twice it's size like my mother's. But I never dreamed in a million years that ink smears on my fingers would make me look old. When did reading a newspaper mark me as someone who had to be born before 1980? I was sitting in court this morning and I was reading the Sunday New York Times. Yes, I said the Sunday edition. I was so looking forward to sitting in... Read more →

It's never easy, a return, that is. Whether you are landing at JFK in a snowstorm after a week in Mexico or going back to work after an illness, you just have to plunge in. So here I am, at least for today and now. I've have a few moments to myself this weekend because Mr. P is on the Cape and I'm doing nothing this afternoon but watching a movie with the youngest, who is home on spring break. I'm working late nights and quite a bit on the weekends, so I can barely bring myself to flip open... Read more →

has been suspended while: work ack! commuting ack! reports reports reports ack! winter yuck! dirty dirty dirty snow yuck! dirty drifts hardened into dirty ice bergs in the yard yuck! too much stuff blech! cleaning out the linen closet blech! hauling out basement junk blech! listslistslists of repairs to house horrors! finding someone(s) to repair house horrors! estimating the cost of getting out of here horrors! weight! weight! weight! aargh diet diet diet aargh! healthy eating healthy eating healthy eating aargh! mammo phew! skin biopsy phew! endo visit denial! colonoscopy denial! nutrionist denial! migraines denial! baby coming! baby coming! baby... Read more →