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Good Friday, overcast and chilly. Appropriate weather, I think. I remember a Good Friday growing up that was a sunny day and suddenly around 3:00, a storm blew in and it grew dark and thundery. I, a good Catholic girl, took it for granted - didn't it do this every Good Friday at 3:00? Too many Good Fridays have gone by unmarked by weather theatrics and I have lost my innocence. But never discount a little drama to aid in faith formation and the rendering of a young soul. Growing up and attending Catholic School, what I remember most about... Read more →

It is 5:30 a.m. and I just inhaled the most vile, battery acid of a nasal spray in the hopes that my nasal passages, sinuses, and throat will not explode with whatever is packed inside there. What a lead. You have my permission to close this tab. I am just going to say this real fast: since January I have had a round of obnoxious and sometimes grueling medical tests and procedures that were partly "Oooh, you'd better biopsy that," and partly, "You have to because you are old." No one in my family wants to hear One. More.Word. or... Read more →