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I am in love with my home and my travels. I am equally blessed with both. Friday's drive back to the office is a delight as I zip along the parkway that snakes between verdant banks of trees, tracing the river that lends its name. Each switch of the road reveals a panorama as luscious as a Thomas Cole, with a sky deep and clear and towering heaps of cumulus clouds floating merrily above. Back in the office, it is a little easier to hunker down under the flourescent lights, bouyant with the promise of Friday evening within arm's reach.... Read more →

Hey, I have decided that, finally, it is really really really summer. Not chilly, damp spring, or even balmy fall, but dye-in-the-bathing-suit summer. Hence, even when it takes me 5.5 hours to drive home from Cape Cod and then spend the next 2 hours looking up my court assignment for the next day, my bad mood will disappear as soon as I put my feet up on my pretty "porch blue" ottoman and turn on the ceiling fan. My evil moods blow away in the sunset and even when I find that someone has cracked a raw egg on my... Read more →

What Are You Doing?

I'm reading a book. Or I was, and then decided to take a ten minute break and write to you. I don't know what's going on here. I try to get at the blog and write, but life seems to get it in the way. And then, if I have a spare second, I remember that I never uploaded or transferred the pics to go with the entry... But right now, instead of uploading or transferring pics, clearing out a million emails, cleaning in prep for Julia's graduation party, recovering from the baby shower, cooking dinner, doing laundry, writing reports,... Read more →