What Are You Doing?
June's Skirts Have Rustled 'Cross the Meadow

Little Bit of Summer Makes Me Feel Fine



Hey, I have decided that, finally, it is really really really summer. Not chilly, damp spring, or even balmy fall, but dye-in-the-bathing-suit summer. Hence, even when it takes me 5.5 hours to drive home from Cape Cod and then spend the next 2 hours looking up my court assignment for the next day, my bad mood will disappear as soon as I put my feet up on my pretty "porch blue" ottoman and turn on the ceiling fan. 

My evil moods blow away in the sunset and even when I find that someone has cracked a raw egg on my windshield and it turned to egg cement overnight and also knocked over all our recycling pick up, I can shrug it off as soon as I get my coffee and spend a precious twenty minutes on the Starbucks patio all alone in the soft summer morning breezes. 



I have lots of things planned for this summer. All of which begin with a "B" for baby, baby, and baby. In between I will try to tame the monster that is the studio. I threw out innumerable bags of old supplies and UFO's as well as dragged a lot of stuff to the Salvation Army. Nothing is more unsettling than finding unfinished art projects in the back of your closet that you can't even recall making. Or looking at them and saying, "What was I thinking of??" The garbage truck pick up at the front curb is good. 

I binged watched over several nights all of the second season of Orange Is the New Black. Y'all let me know when you're finished watching it so we can discuss. I will just say that it featured much less Piper, which is a good thing, too. 




I usually feel like these beached kayaks when summer rolls in and we rent the cottage. Why oh why do we do this? Well, first off, to pay the bills, and second, cause you can't get from here to there in less than 6 hours in the summer. Seriously, someone hurry up and get on the market those personal helicopters they had in the NY Times last week. I need one.

This year, though, a much as it felt like ripping off a limb to leave this weekend and know we won't back to the Land Of Water until mid-August, I am so happy to sit on my porch at night and read, and to make plans to go back to our weekend mornings in the city, and to see friends. I haven't see my Art Sisters since Christmas!

And reading - Emma Bridgewater's memoir about growing up in England in a very creative family and how she began her wildly successfull pottery business out of the back of a rented van. I love a book that has whole sections devoted to describing toast and butter and picnics and her mother's kitchen dresser filled with mismatched cups and cracked plates. Sigh. English country love. 

I am also reading The Vacationers, which is very New York Upper West Side and it is fun. I  started My Salinger Year, which is also very New York and bookish and drily funny. 

I confess to ordering Sibella Court's Gypsy: A World of Color and Interiors, but I haven't taken it out of the wrapper yet. Saving it for an especially missing the Cape type day. One doesn't actually "read" her books as much as ogle them, so it will be a good escape. 

So, what are you all doing this summer and what are you all reading?  LMK!!!