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I've spent a lot of time since July 11th with a newborn on my shoulder. Instead of that big glass of wine after work to relax, I go to my daughter's and hold the baby so she and her husband can eat dinner and maybe get a pre-sleep nap. I sit quietly on the living room couch with the news on in the background and the baby in my arms. I've forgotten what it is like to hold a newborn on my chest. I'd forgotten the weight of the warmth of a newborn balanced just so against your collar bone,... Read more →

I It was a tumultous night. When my daughter told me a few months ago that she wanted me present at the birth, I had mixed feelings. I was apprehensive about being with her during the labor. Despite having given birth to 3 children, I barely had a labor pain and ended with 3 C-sections due to complications. I was afraid not of what I might see but what I might feel. I did not know if I could control my emotions if my daughter was in a great deal of pain. I was not sure I would not break... Read more →

I was on the telphone in my office representing my employer in an arbitration hearing when my cell phone, my office cell, and my other office lines began ringing off the hook. I knew what it was before I even looked at the number: my daughter was in labor. She had already been to the hospital the day before and had been sent home. I had spoken to hear earlier that morning and she reported that her labor had continued erratically all night but was growing more rhythmic. I had already advised my manager that I may have to leave... Read more →