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First off, thank you all for your sweet comments on our little Sous Chef Extraordinaire! He brings so much joy into our life each day and we have been extraordinarily blessed to have him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In other artful news, a few fun things! Lesley Riley's new book is on the stands and online ~ and I have not one but TWO pages in it! It is a fabulous book and you can look at it here. It will make a great holiday gift for your friends and even a better one for yourself! Also, my longtime online friend, Diane Perin... Read more →

Baby Breaths

In this darkened room, early on a Friday night, I am in bed with the lights off. I am allowed my laptop light, but cautioned that if I turn on the TV, it must be closed captions only. Yet it is only 8:30 and Mr. Pom and I have barely had a chance to breathe out a sigh of relief and catch up with each other. And the youngest is home for the evening, a rare event. But Squishy is here, and sleeping overnight is a very rare event. I'd like to report that his parents are going somewhere special,... Read more →

One More Thing....

"Teatime comes early at Stillmeadow now. I hang the kettle over the embers, bring out the toasting fork, and open the sweet-clover honey." Stillmeadow Calendar A Countrywoman's Journal by Gladys Taber I was so moved by each and every comment that I received in connection with my last two posts. I am answering each one individually, but before I can finish doing so, I want each of you to know what your words meant to me about pomegranatesandpaper, about the stories I told about family and marriage and children, and about the holidays and rituals of my extended family. As... Read more →

Oh geez, I had to write at least once more

Damn, I miss my parents. I've been bing-watching Last Tango in Halifax on Amazon Prime streaming. (Where are the American series like this? See Lisa at Privilege for a more intellectual analysis.) I loved every minute of it. Can't wait for Season 3 but suspect we in the colonies will be seeing it sometime later than the Brits. Whilst I watched, I noticed that the Grande Dame Ann Reid was reminding me of my mother. I can't put my finger on it. Something to do with her clothes, her expressions, an Empress sympatico. This led me into reflecting that my... Read more →