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food stylist: Betti Zucker From my bed I can see the snow flying sideways across my window. The wind is howling in the eaves and our chimney cover is banging like a bass drum. We are warm and cozy, though, with the fire lit, the dogs at our side and that first sacramental cup of coffee in our hands. I took a few days off for my birthday. I usually don't do so since, in case you live in Shangri la and have missed this winter, a cold, overcast, grimy frozen tundra day is not my ideal personal day off.... Read more →

It's awful, I know. The cold temperatures, the hazardous driving, the dark evenings, and the mounds of hardened snow and icy patches everywhere. Going outside to go anywhere becomes an Extreme Sport rather than just daily living. But it can't always be Summer (though I suppose it can in parts of the world, and I can tell you that I grew mighty sick of it when we lived in California). Extremes are exciting and terrifying and never monotonous. Even the limbo of cold and snow forcing me indoors is not the worst thing I have ever suffered. In fact, I... Read more →