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I've been complaining for the last few years that my reading habits have crashed due to the Damn Internet. Instead of a book a week, I am reading skeeteen million blogs and obsessively looking for new pictures of my grandson when my daughter posts on Instagram. I have now, however, solved my Internet-induced ADD due to my HAD (hyper anxiety disorder)! Yay for the Damn Internet! You see, one of the few parts of my body that still get a great aerobic workout and keep my cardiac rhythm pumping overtime are my well-exercised adrenal glands. Kids, they are in the... Read more →

Anyone else here have the words to every Raffi Christmas song imprinted in the brains of each member of the family? If you could see out my bedroom window this moment, or I wasn't too lazy to go downstairs and find my phone and take a pic to upload, you would think it was Christmas Eve and we were having The Best White Christmas Ever. I took a pic with Photo Booth, but it sucks and no matter what filter or adjustment I make, you can't see the snow coming down. So just picture a snow globe with heavy flakes... Read more →