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If you are as illustration-obsessed as I, buy this book. Early morning, I log onto this Mac and browse. I prefer to interface my way into my day with a little cyber playtime. I have a routine, which sites I go to first. I am very old school and still read blogs. I start the day with bright, pretty blogs that are worlds apart from mine. I like Mormon mothers who wear Anthropologie clothes, birth gorgeous children once a year, and decorate their homes in bright colors with whimsical touches. They're like a storyboard and, if I skip the proselytizing... Read more →

I've never cared for hyacinths. They remind me of the plastic flowers that were so popular with housewives in the sixties. At least one great aunt had one, if not several, potted plastic hyacinths atop her living room credenza. Worst of all was those singular hyacinths that popped up in the garden, most likely an errant bulb that survived being tossed in the ground in a discarded pot from Easter. Our office moved this year and our parking garage is attached to a Whole Foods. My office is split 80/20 on the appreciation of WF, with the haters in the... Read more →