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I was so happy, happy, happy to hear from so many of my readers for the last post. Your compliments about the new blog design (ah, shucks, it not like I asked for it but I did) were sweet. Fear not, the very bland header will be replaced soon with a hand painted one. Soon as I paint it or find the one I painted two years ago and never scanned in. I do find that as I age, I am trending toward clean, white spaces in my life. It best be a passing phase because there is a whole... Read more →

I decided to return to the world of blogging with not a splash but a flutter of angel wings as I blithely told you of my renewed artistic passion, vision, and spirit and my idealized embrace of all that is my life, heretofore known as: Mrs. Pom, Lifestyle Guru. Yes, you can have it all. Yes, you can remain fulfilled and relaxed and fun and organized and all good things all the time. You can! Except when you cannot. Which is most of the time. The combined effects of this: Plus this: Left me gaga for at least 5 days... Read more →

I took a ten day spring vacation, which I highly recommend, and have come back with renewed desire to simplify my life and surroundings and make room for whom and what I love. A late spring vacation two hundred miles north is marvelously timed to immerse you once again in lawn carpets of cherry blossoms, nosy neighbors of nodding lilacs, and in-your-face shouts of magenta-hued rhododendron and mountain laurel that rise like banks of psychedelic mountains along the roadways. It's a sly way to trick Mother Nature and get a second go-round of the ridiculously girlish sumptuousness of the double... Read more →