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After a few weeks of very hot and humid weather, I walked outside from work last night to a huge thunderstorm deluge. My cute red patent leather loafers were almost floating off my feet at one point, but the upshot was the humidity cleared away and dawn came with cool weather. I know this because the big dog had me up at 4:30. Bad doggie. I HATE sleeping with air conditioning, but there's been no way around it for the past week. Last night I was on the sofa watching TV with Mr Pom (actually he was watching the Yankees... Read more →

Nauset Light Sitting on the side porch this morning side by side with Mr. Pom, coffee in hand, and noticing that the cicadas have begun their mid summer whirring. I want to scold them that it is not midsummer, what with Fourth of July being only one week ago, but they go by nature's schedule, humming away the passage of the sun across the sky. It is quiet and I am racing to finish reading a book that traveled back and forth to the Cape but remained unopened.*** We returned on Friday, caravaning down I95, meeting up at Mystic for... Read more →

I haven't taken a two week vacation in several years. It feels like eternity. Halfway through, we have had a change of guests, cycling from nieces to aunties. What have I done for a week? Say repeatedly that I need to vacuum. Buy stuff for beach lunches. Read half a page in one of the ten books I brought before Squishy does something cute and I am distracted. We have eaten lobster, had Bird Breakfast Sandwiches more times than my pants will allow. Watched Squishy watch his first parade. Wash sheets and towels. Say repeatedly that I need to vacuum.... Read more →