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Here in the northeast United States, we are at the crest of summer. There are very hot and humid days, rainstorms thick with thunder and lightening, and evenings that thrum with crickets like the reverb of a bass amp. Fireflies still flick and tantalize the dogs who fancy a blinking morsel captured in snapping jaws. It is a time of abundance in the garden, as it struggles to survive with the heat of direct sun for twelve hours a day and torrential rains the next. Our little garden is just a triangle of a plot, shaped just like a narrow... Read more →

One of two darling straw hats that I only wear on Cape Cod and the ubiquitous over-sized denim shirt. In the spirit of full disclosure, the title of this post. Let's face it: I am an over______[fill in the blank]: Over: eater shopper buyer (yes, there's a difference) reader What I own too many of: Creating: art supplies in general watercolor palettes black pens ink blank sketchbooks pads of watercolor paper Art Paper Reading: Novels Memoirs Nature Writing Travel Writing Cookbooks Design books Lettering books Art Journaling Books Wearing: Black pants striped tops blazers casual jackets winter coats black shoes... Read more →