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Morning till night we live on the porch. So many of you responded so compassionately for the Facebook request for prayers for Mr. Pom that I was misty-eyed. The outpatient spinal surgery went flawlessly and he was able to avoid the more extreme operation for which he signed a consent should the surgeon determine in medias res that more extreme repair was necessary. He's moving slowly and gingerly, but each day has been better than the last, and knowing how many folks were thinking of him raised his spirits considerably. We have spent most of the days since then on... Read more →

This usually doesn't happen to me so soon into the change of seasons. The heat waves across the blacktopped street have barely stopped shimmering and the apples are still ripening their blush, we are still able to sit on the porch after supper, and nary a leaf has fallen. But here I am, here I found myself , in a swoon of memory and longing for...... for what I do not really know. Perhaps it was a long and spirited conversation with someone this morning, an unlikely person to have shared such an intimate - and yet totally banal -... Read more →