Cherubim & Seraphim

200 years ago today, the angels announced to the shepherds that a Lord was born who is Christ the King and the Magi visited with their trinity of gifts. Today, the announcement of the Redemption has evolved into the day to take down all the Christmas finery, put away the extra folding chairs, and take the leaves out of the dining room table. The kitchen is sorely lacking in fruits and vegetables, and the refrigerator only holds a half-pint of sour cream, the dregs of a quart of eggnog, and shriveled up chestnuts that were never roasted. We've subsisted on... Read more →

I'll Be Home for Christmas

I don't have to sing about it, because I am HOME for Christmas. Yippee, work is over for a week! I couldn't get a better gift this year. Yesterday, I started the vacation with an early morning hair appointment. I was grumbling as I got out of bed, but I enjoyed it once I got there (kind of like sex these days). Most of the people at the salon are Europeans. My hairdresser is from Italy. He is a tall, spare fellow with dark circles under his eyes and thinning hair. He is very kind, but he does not smile... Read more →

The Azure Journal - Silvershot

The snow is falling in great sheets of taffeta and tulle, swirling around me and threatening to suffocate me like the tulle skirt I had to wear to ballet class but couldn't get over my head. The snow is shot with silver and hits my face like stinging needles. I am warm from cooking a great pot of Venetian pasta e fagioli. I opened cans of pureed tomatoes, thinned with some water, added minced garlic, fresh rosemary, sea salt and bay leaves. We have no dried beans in the house, so I added cans of creamy broad beans, chunky chichiti... Read more →


I spend my days behind a desk, or in a court of law. I sit and wait for the clerk to call my case, or for the plaintiff's lawyer to finish his cross-examination. I sit in traffic on the way home. I stand in line at the grocery store, the pharmacy, the post office. I make dinner, clean up, and sort the mail. I listen to essays, ask quiz questions for math, and brush my teeth. In my heart I am writing every minute, transcribing against the soft flesh of my core all the wonders I have seen today: the... Read more →


They dragged me into the Christmas shop. Trying to perk me up, get me happy, forget about all the crap at home. It was too sunny and warm for Christmas trimmings and my mind was on cramming the shopping and cooking around work this week in time for the big Thanksgiving meal that still falls to me to do even though we both work full time. This was the same store that sells patio furniture. The place last summer where the clerk couldn't be bothered greeting us or getting out from behind the counter when we wanted to know what... Read more →

Tilting Towards Light

Each day the light grows shorter. I am impatient with this steady erosion of daylight. I yearn for total darkness when I put the key in my car on the way home from work at 5:00. The sooner it is pitch dark by 5:00, the sooner the light returns. The darkness comforts me. I feel like withdrawing right now. And I feel the giddy rush beginning to build toward the holidays. I am tired of doing. I'd like a week of thrashing rainstorms and cups of Earl Grey tea. I could stay in my gray velour robe and wear the... Read more →