Twas the Night Before Prep Cooking

Can I have a show of hands: How many of you do all your prep AND most of your cooking for Thanksgiving before Thursday, and just have to shove the turkey in the oven and make the gravy? Do you (or your help - ha ha - like a child/hubby/unwitting neighbor) set the table the day before? How many know how to make gravy (not from a can). How many of you make your own cranberry sauce? Homemade biscuits? Appetizers in the living room? First course at table, or just dive straight into the mashed sweet potatoes? Oh - do... Read more →


I just came home from the hospital today. On Tuesday, two days after my son’s wedding – by plan – I had the lower lobe of my right lung removed for primary lung cancer. It is a, non-aggressive form of cancer that rarely recurs.The PET scan and the pathology was clear of lymphatic involvement (it has not spread). Other than the primary tumor, they saw no visible cancer in the lung cavity. My surgeon told me on Tuesday that I probably would go home this Monday and that he rarely had patients be released as early as Friday. But I... Read more →

Fear and Loathing in Retirement

Thank you to all of you who wished me well upon my return to blogging! Your “welcome backs” were like warm hugs from old friends – which you all are! I am replying to comments on the blog itself. I’d love if you all would look there to read my comments – and each other’s, and respond to comments yourselves. I need a village to surround me and you all are the nicest villagers I’ve ever met! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I honestly was not certain that I would ever start blogging again. Once I began my new position at work, I put... Read more →

And So, I Return to Blogging, Mischief, and Mayhem

I had grand plans to redesign the blog, pay for a higher level of Typepad, learn how to code it myself, and certainly get a new header, all before I posted my first Official Retirement Post. Ain't happening. Not right now. Turns out retirement is busier than work! But here I am! All retired and stuff. We sold the house. And the screened porch (sob). And the garden (at it's height - sob!). We now have an apartment downtown in our city. It allows dogs, which is a major issue, obvs. We dodge a ferocious pit bull and a multitude... Read more →

Oh, these long but short dark-days of new winter! Too much rich food and drink, dazzled by strings of colored lights and the bling of sequins and velvet, and the nostalgia of vintage ornaments casting diamonds round my room. The lure of cookies about to turn stale with age, the royal icing as badly chipped as my Christmas manicure, yet still enticing me with memories of tins over the childhood stairs. The pantry a seduction each time I pass with its open bags of cinnamon candy dots and peppermint shards that never had the chance to adorn Christmas Bark, left... Read more →

This is a muddy attempt at a wreath. I don't have much. Been inside this house for ten days. What I haven't been is driving all over New York to conduct depositions and staying up all night to write reports. So while I'm feeling sorry for myself that I am missing the Christmas festivities, I remind myself that last year I worked on Christmas Eve (which I had taken as a vacation day) until 5:00 that night. So this is my report from inside my quiet house. It is very cold out today, so I've been told, but my house... Read more →

Hallo the Merriest Days of the Year!

Tomorrow my arthritic knee will be replaced with a titanium marvel. It's not exactly the start to the festive tidings I had imagined for the year. When I look at the alternative to being home on disability, i.e. driving all over the metro area and upstate and taking double depositions all day, returning and prepping for the next day, and then staying up till midnight typing the reports, I must say that this December is a win-win. A tree has been secured and is in a bucket by the side porch. I managed to bring up from the basement a... Read more →

Hey, guess what: November 2nd was my - wait for it - 13th blogaversary! Here's a link to not the very first post, but a post that I remember writing and loving those long years ago. The blog was quiet and then shuttered for a year, but I have a little time right now while I wait for the knee replacement surgery. I can't go trotting off into Manhattan or clean up my garden, but I can read a few books, do some writing, and write a blog entry. Today, the birches and the oaks are the last of the... Read more →

Gratuitous adorable baby pic to get your attention. I plan to post on Mondays - or rather, I plan to do the following: I am about to launch a newsletter. Isn't that an amazingly 90's concept?? Except I seem to be the only bumpkin under the log regarding this new - err - old - medium of communication. Seems like during the last few years when work has crushed my soul and ground my creativity into stale crumbs, all the au courant bloggers have switched to this more direct, controllable outlet. It appears it resolves many issues for me, including... Read more →