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Now that I started thinking about Christmases when the kids were little, there are some things I do miss, like Mr. Pom coming home once a week with a new Christmas book to read to them. When there were just the big two, they sat on either side of us and decided in rotation which book to read next. By the time The Teen came along, Mr. Pom took over most of the bedtime reading ritual with her while I did homework with the older two. I miss having that quiet time on the bed with a bunch of books and little kids smelling of baby powder and damp hair.

And I miss the books! Not that we still don't have them, or specifically The Princess has them in her room, under her little Christmas tree. She's reached the ripe, old age of 23 when she is nostalgic for her childhood Christmases. 

Here are some of our favorites (& sorry for the stupid Amazon search inside logo):




Mr. Pom's personal favorite (Stickball! Stickball! - you'll have to read it to understand...)





My personal favorite,



And the family favorite,


I know there are many that have gone by the wayside. When I was little, we had an anthology of children's stories that my aunt gave my older sisters. It sat on our bookcase all year and on Christmas Eve, I would take it to bed with me and read it under the covers with my Kenner Give-A-Show projector. My reading was much more classical - The Little Match Girl, Alice In Wonderland, Brer Rabbit. They weren't classic children's tales but they still put me in the mind for Christmas. 

What are your family's favorites?