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What I Never Thought When I Was 30 I Would Write When I Was 50**

**(Adorable baby courtesy of cousin Michele) I know I'm too old for Mommy Blogging, but I would like to address the legions of Mommy Bloggers and tell them, like Mother of the Future visiting Jacob Marley, that even though you are in the thick of it, folks, you don't know the half of it. And once you know the other half of it, you won't be able to blog about it. Right now it's all she won't sleep, he's only eaten chicken nuggets for 12 months, the older kid is back to wetting the bed, the mother in law keeps... Read more →

Inspiration Deck at Tinsel Trading

I had a great time at Tinsel Trading on Saturday in the Inspiration Deck class. It would be an exaggeration to say I was "teaching" the class as all I did was bring the supplies and explain the concept to these lovely, talented ladies. In a few short minutes, they were off and running and spent the next three hours happily tearing and gluing their way to creating a deck of colorful, symbolic cards. The ladies were very intent on their work, only looking up at times to hunt for a particular paper or to find the glue sticks that... Read more →


No, not from life, life! The Teen is going to Italy with her school in April and I decided that the week she is away is the perfect week for me to take off and go away to work on my book. So I am looking for a place to go, within about 2 hours of NYC with accomodations that include being able to walk outside and have rooms large enough to be comfortable for writing over a week's time. Any suggestions are appreciated! Read more →

La Dolce

There is no accounting for family tastes. It's not that we don't appreciate a fine steak, or a grilled burger gently rare in the middle with melted gorgonzola and carmelized onions. We are a family that raves over crumbly pieces of nutty cheese and mouthbursts of tiny olives perfectly brined. Fruit, too. Juicy watermelons, slices of tart sweet pineapple, a perfectly ripened canteloupe, a variety of local apples in the fall. Plums warmed in the sun and figs roasted with goat cheese. There isn't a seafood we haven't tried (except octopus, I confess) and loved - oysters as sweet as... Read more →

Hunt for Egg October...Er, Easter at the Pomegranates

It is a game of great skill. Where neither age nor sex matters. It is discussed throughout the year. Plans are made. Clues analyzed. Props considered. Strategy is stealthy. Observation is key. Competition is fierce. But to the quick goes the prize. Winner takes all! Buona Pasquetta from the Pomegranates! Read more →

Spring Is Not Busting Out All Over

Any minute now, the clock will tick its way into the vernal season. As if to usher spring in, the winds are howling outside, causing the blinds in my bedroom window to whir frantically like baseball cards stuck in bicycle spokes. I know I saw one lone perky purple crocus in the garden last week, but I'm afraid it's still the new kid on the block for now. This is the only Easter decoration I have out. I lie. This is a photo from last year. I haven't taken out anything yet. And tomorrow's Good Friday. But do you like... Read more →

Saturday Class at Tinsel Trading

This Saturday, I will be teaching a class in Inspiration Deck journaling. Here is a sample of the type of cards we will make: Instead of trying to start an intimidating, big, overwhelming and very serious "ART JOURNAL", why not prime your creative pump by making up dozens of these flashcard-sized inspirational journal cards. Working quickly, intuitively, and spontaneously, we will play word games, rip and tear imagery, and get you started on building up a creative deck that can be added to forever! There are still a few spots available if you'd like to join us from 11 to... Read more →

Things I Think I Do, But I Really Don't

10 things I pretend to myself that I do, but I really don't: Floss daily. I'll do it for a few weeks after every dentist appointment. Then I begin to slack off and only start again when the next appointment is coming this Thursday. Take a multivitamin. I do take a multivitamin....out of the container each morning. But then I put it in my pocket or my wallet and never remember to take it and then I find little red pills everywhere when I check pockets before I send clothes to the cleaner. Keep a daily journal. I have... Read more →

I Am A Cheeky Monkey

I stand before you with my head held down and lemon chicken grease smeared all over my face. I am here to apologize, to strike my breast thrice in mea culpa for past sins. A year or two ago, I made light of a famous TV chef on this very blog. I scoffed at his convoluted Halloween treats. Little did I know the ways of the famous and insecure. They google themselves and then leave "Aha!" comments with regard to disparaging remarks in the hopes it will leave the blogger with the flop sweats. Anyway, I refuse to name his... Read more →

My Internets are so kind and sweet and fun and make me feel humbled whenever I read your comments. You don't even mind when shameless appeals for love are broadcast. Having a blog is sometimes like having the magic mirror that Sleeping Beauty's wicked stepmother had and allowing yourself to gaze into and ask with a straight face. "Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose the fairest blogger of them all?" Too often I lean over into my little magic reflecting blog and wonder how long I can last before I fall over to my narcissean death. Thinking about this little... Read more →