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Things I Think I Do, But I Really Don't

10 things I pretend to myself that I do, but I really don't:

  1. Floss daily. I'll do it for a few weeks after every dentist appointment. Then I begin to slack off and only start again when the next appointment is coming up....like this Thursday.
  2. Take a multivitamin.  I do take a multivitamin....out of the container each morning. But then I put it in my pocket or my wallet and never remember to take it and then I find little red pills everywhere when I check pockets before I send clothes to the cleaner.
  3. Keep a daily journal. I have about a gazillion lying around here and half of those gazillion I started....but blogging is so much easier.
  4. Send birthday cards. I buy them. They're really cute, funny, pretty...but never get in an envelope. Need one? Let me know. I have quite a collection.
  5. Drink one cup of coffee a day. Which is what  I will tell the surgeon at my 6-month check up. And what I believe despite  my morning Starbucks, afternoon hazelnut at the office cafe, and after dinner decaf with Mr. Pom.
  6. Read books as soon as I buy them. I always did. But somewhere in the last year things got out of control. I blame book blogs. And Amazon one-click ordering.
  7. Handwash underwire bras.
  8. Read The New York Times.  Skim the front page; flip through Metro. Actually read Dining In/Out and Home. Sometimes Science Tuesday.
  9. Cook dinner every night. Monday and Tuesday, maybe. By Wednesday, it's strictly Chinese/Boston Market/Rotisserie Chicken from Food Emporium/Sushi Friday. See prior post.
  10. Save money. Won't even pretend.