Oh geez, I had to write at least once more
Baby Breaths

One More Thing....

"Teatime comes early at Stillmeadow now. I hang the kettle over the embers, bring out the toasting fork, and open the sweet-clover honey."

                                                                                     Stillmeadow Calendar

                                                                                     A Countrywoman's Journal

                                                                                    by Gladys Taber   


I was so moved by each and every comment that I received in connection with my last two posts. I am answering each one individually, but before I can finish doing so, I want each of you to know what your words meant to me about pomegranatesandpaper, about the stories I told about family and marriage and children, and about the holidays and rituals of my extended family.

As the kids grew up and out of the house, as my law career became more involved and demanding, as I found less and less time to make art and be with my art friends, there was less and less to write about.  After my mother died, I could not bring myself to write about family without making a very melancholy and tearful post. I could not write about art and friends because I had lost  all time with them.  I have never written about my job and never will,  and I had become aware that more and more "real time" people in my career were awawre of the blog. 

I have self-censored myself into a corner. 

After reading your comments, reflections, and memories of the blog, I have gotten more and more angry - at myself.  I have allowed myself to become completely estranged from almost all that love in life. I cannot begin to write,  nor would I,  about how far-reaching this estrangement had become and had brittle I have felt during the past two years. 

This Spring, I started to see little bursts of light. I found myself smiling more, returning to some simple crafty pleasures, and spending time with people who were just easy going and fun loving and accepted me for who I am. 

And we had a baby. 

Well, we had a grandbaby. And it's been the most unbelievable event of my life after the birth of my own three glorious children.  He still doesn't seem real. We spend a lot of time just looking at him and saying "I can't believe he's real."  We also spend a lot of tie teaching him to do rasberries with his mouth and I am proud to say he is quite adept at blowing spittle at all of us. 

So I will cut to the chase: I am not closing down pomegranatesand paper.  I am not going to stop being myself and finding joy in writing about silly little things that make my house a home and my family my dearests and my friends my lifelines. It will never be the blog I once wrote, at least until circumstances  change whenI retire. It will be focused on art and creative writing, but it will still have occasional family posts. I will go live again on a regular basis in January. 

Over the Christmas holidays, I hope to have time to investigate starting a subscription newsletter that I plan to fill with writng and drawings of the most "Gladys Taber" kind. 

In the meantime, I am working on a full little project that I will announce shortly. It is the type of project I hope to do more and more of. 

See you soon over the kettle. I have honey from Vermont and a toasting fork.