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Hey, guess what: November 2nd was my - wait for it - 13th blogaversary! Here's a link to not the very first post, but a post that I remember writing and loving those long years ago. The blog was quiet and then shuttered for a year, but I have a little time right now while I wait for the knee replacement surgery. I can't go trotting off into Manhattan or clean up my garden, but I can read a few books, do some writing, and write a blog entry. Today, the birches and the oaks are the last of the... Read more →

Gratuitous adorable baby pic to get your attention. I plan to post on Mondays - or rather, I plan to do the following: I am about to launch a newsletter. Isn't that an amazingly 90's concept?? Except I seem to be the only bumpkin under the log regarding this new - err - old - medium of communication. Seems like during the last few years when work has crushed my soul and ground my creativity into stale crumbs, all the au courant bloggers have switched to this more direct, controllable outlet. It appears it resolves many issues for me, including... Read more →