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This is a muddy attempt at a wreath. I don't have much. Been inside this house for ten days. What I haven't been is driving all over New York to conduct depositions and staying up all night to write reports. So while I'm feeling sorry for myself that I am missing the Christmas festivities, I remind myself that last year I worked on Christmas Eve (which I had taken as a vacation day) until 5:00 that night. So this is my report from inside my quiet house. It is very cold out today, so I've been told, but my house... Read more →

Hallo the Merriest Days of the Year!

Tomorrow my arthritic knee will be replaced with a titanium marvel. It's not exactly the start to the festive tidings I had imagined for the year. When I look at the alternative to being home on disability, i.e. driving all over the metro area and upstate and taking double depositions all day, returning and prepping for the next day, and then staying up till midnight typing the reports, I must say that this December is a win-win. A tree has been secured and is in a bucket by the side porch. I managed to bring up from the basement a... Read more →